Hongbo Fang is an undergraduate student in Zhejiang University, China, with a major in Computer Science and minor in Undergraduate of Public Administration, Chu Kochen Honors College. He is the receiver of various academic awards and has been working on research relating to artificial intelligence, social computation and human computer interaction with faculties and scholars in ZJU, CMU, UW, UChicago and MIT during his 3 year undergraduate life. Beyond his academic achievements, he served as the Co-Captain of University Debate Team in ZJU, and is an inspiring public speaker. In 2016, he led a team to support the left-over children education in YiZhou, Western China, where he helped to build long-term collaboration among local school in Yizhou, ZJU and companies in Hangzhou and Nanning, for the benefit of left-over education in Yizhou.
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I am passionate about the fast development of artificial intelligence, information technology, and inspired by its implication to human and society. My life-long goal is to understand the complicated human behaviors and social connections, and introduce new information and AI technology design & products to transform the way people think and interact.